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Budget cuts got you down? Don’t ditch the cleaning

Some property owners and facility managers deal with budget cuts and wonder about ways to cut costs, and cleaning costs in particular. While reducing budgets are very much a reality for many, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of maintaining high cleanliness standards within the workplace. The combination of the latest equipment and a well-trained staff can bring about excellent results even on a reduced budget. We suggest you don’t ditch the cleaning services altogether, as a clean environment comes with many advantages.

Clean space, healthy employees

There is a direct correlation between a clean workplace and improved employee health. Think about it – every single day people in a workplace are using office light switches, phones, keyboards, copiers, putting lunches in the shared refrigerator, shaking client’s hands, touching doorknobs and using the restrooms. Given that there are trillions of bacteria on any given surface, keeping these surfaces clean lessens the chance that workplace people become sick or spread germs and bacteria to coworkers, or bring them home to their families.

Depending on the surface, the lifespan of these bacteria could last anywhere from a few hours to several days, or even months. Furthermore, these germs, bacteria and viruses are responsible for illnesses like the common cold and flu that can sweep through your workplace.

Combating these germs is a very vital piece of keeping work environments clean and helping to reduce employee sick days. Reduce the number of germs being spread throughout the workplace with a good and regular cleaning and the result will be fewer cases of sickness among employees… and fewer sick days that need to be taken.

Improved morale, improved productivity

A clean workplace can do more than limit the amount of sickness in a workplace. Walking into any clean and fresh space can improve your energy and satisfaction and the same concept is true for workplace employees. A clean work environment can improve morale, which has a direct effect on productivity and well-being. Employees feel better about their environment when it is clean – and when they feel better, they work better.

Impress your clients, take care of your things

If you need a few more reasons why you shouldn’t ditch your regular workplace cleaning, we’ll end with these. For one, a clean work environment makes a good impression on current or potential clients when they come in. We all know that a good impression is very important for keeping or gaining business, so don’t scare them away with your dirty carpets. Secondly, consider the idea that a regular cleaning helps to take care of the objects in your workplace – the carpets, the furniture, the appliances and such. If no regular upkeep is occurring, then it’s likely these objects will wear out faster, resulting in more expenses sooner than you had hoped.

A regular cleaning of the workplace can bring great results with the right equipment and staff, even with a reduced budget. Budgeting is a normal part of any business, but don’t let it cause you to eliminate such a beneficial thing as regular cleaning. A clean work environment not only reduces employee sickness, but increases employee morale and productivity. It leaves a good impression on your current and potential clients and reduces spending because the objects in the workplace are taken care of. Don’t ditch the cleaning. You’ll be missing out on these benefits if you do.

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