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Maintaining A Healthy Workplace During The Flu Season

How often have you seen employees come to work sick because they were afraid to get points on their employment record or miss a day of pay? If you’ve worked for any amount of time anywhere, it’s probably more times than you care to admit.

It’s always essential to maintain a healthy workplace environment. And during the seasonal flu season, it’s even more crucial. So to help you keep your workplace and workforce healthy and ensure fewer sick days for employees, we’ve created a shortlist of tips to share with you.

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Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Workplace During The Flu Season

Educate Employees About Flu Symptoms – One of the best ways to help employees stay healthy is by educating them about the different flu symptoms. This way, they can be more proactive in seeking treatment if they feel ill. In addition, it’s important to remind employees to stay home if they are experiencing any of these symptoms: fever, body aches, coughing, sneezing, or a sore throat.

Keep A Handheld Contact Free Thermometer Handy – Should you decide to prescreen employees or visitors, a handheld contact-free thermometer streamlines the screening process. Contact-free thermometers only need a second or two of exposure to the forehead to get an accurate temperature reading, so if you have concerns about whether or not someone has a fever, you can confirm their status quickly and efficiently. If their temperature reads within a normal range, they are allowed access to the building.

Encourage Frequent Hand Washing – It’s no secret that hand washing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs, so encourage your employees to do it often! An excellent way to remind them is to put up signs near the handwashing stations in your workplace. And don’t forget to stock up on handwashing liquid, paper towels, and soap!

Keep Hand Sanitizer And Tissues Available – Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk and make sure plenty of tissues are available in the office. You can also place a sign near the tissue box that reminds employees to use them before touching their faces. Having these items readily available for employees and visitors can help them avoid spreading germs.

Service The HVAC System – Your HVAC system plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy workplace. Ensure it gets serviced regularly and the filters get changed. Clean filters promote healthier treated air throughout the office. And, don’t overlook the ductwork! Dirty ducts are a hotbed for bacteria, viruses, and allergens to accumulate. Every time the HVAC system circulates treated air, these allergens and contaminants spread throughout the office, increasing employee sick days.

Encourage Employees To Get Flu Shots – Getting an annual flu shot is the best way to protect yourself against the flu. Please encourage them to get a flu shot from their primary care physician, a local pharmacy, or hold a flu shot clinic in your office. If you offer flu shots through your health care plan, ensure employees understand that they can get a flu shot without delay.

Offer Remote Or Work From Home Options – Depending on the nature of your business, you may have the flexibility to offer employees the option to work from home or complete their work remotely. While this might not be viable for all companies, such as service-based or manufacturing businesses, it can be an excellent option for employees who can complete most of their job tasks from home.

Offer Wellness Incentives Or Programs – Generally, someone in good health will be a healthier employee. Therefore, employee wellness incentives or programs are a great way to encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles. These programs can include health savings accounts, discounted gym memberships, and even healthy snacks in the break room. Even the most stubborn employee is likely to take advantage of employee wellness programs! As you might imagine, this incentive can go a long way in helping to prevent sick days.

Promote A Healthy Office Culture – Creating a healthy office culture is one of the best things you can do for your employees. A healthy office culture promotes a work-life balance, encourages team-building activities, and provides ongoing learning opportunities. For instance, offering nutrition education through internal seminars, workshops, or group chats can help employees learn more about making healthier diet choices and how nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining overall health.

Keep The Office Clean – Dirty desks and restrooms can contribute to the spread of illness. Doing light cleaning daily like dusting and disinfecting doorknobs, keyboards, phones, and desktops can go a long way to deter the spread of germs and viruses. When you consider all the items that employees and visitors touch, it’s no wonder the office can become a hotbed for germs. And, this is an area where professional cleaners come in handy!

If you don’t have access to a full-time janitor or cleaning crew, you can always hire a professional cleaning company to assist in keeping your office clean. This way, employees can continue to focus on their job tasks without doing all the heavy cleaning tasks themselves.

And, by doing so, office managers and business owners can operate with confidence, knowing they’re taking proactive steps to ward off flu outbreaks in the workplace.

A professional commercial cleaning company like StephCo has the tools, equipment, cleaning supplies, and the trained workforce to handle even the toughest cleaning challenges. Deep cleaning and disinfecting services help reduce the germs and bacteria that accumulate, which means a safer work environment for you, employees, and visitors alike.

You can help create a healthy work environment that is less likely to experience flu outbreaks by following these tips. And don’t forget, among the best ways to keep your workplace healthy is hiring a professional cleaning company like StephCo for your janitorial and cleaning needs in Holbrook, Massachusetts.

We work as your partner to help keep your business clean, safe, and healthy. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free estimate for business cleaning services in Holbrook, MA!

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