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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Having clean carpets in your company’s office sends the right message to everyone who steps inside. It says that not only do you care about your customers and employees, but also that no detail is too small to be taken care of. Not to mention, clean carpets make your office look fantastic.

But don’t trust just anyone to take care of your office carpet. Call in the experts. We’re serious about creating a clean, healthy environment in your office, which is why we use the best equipment in the carpet cleaning industry. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning process is the most thorough carpet cleaning method available; in fact, it’s the process recommended by the majority of U.S. carpet manufacturers. We use only the finest cleaning agents, and antimicrobial treatments, ScotchGuard and deodorizer are also available to ensure your carpets look their best.

Cleaning carpets is more than just equipment and cleaning agents, though. You need carpet cleaning technicians who actually know what they’re doing. Our experts are eager to give you the very best results in a friendly and professional manner. Each member of our team participates in ongoing training and education to make sure your carpets receive the finest possible care.

We’ve been serving businesses across New England for more than 35 years, and we’re proud of the relationships we have built and maintained. We’d love to show you the value of a regular cleaning program to keep your company looking its best.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

We help you maintain beautiful carpets while keeping your budget in mind. If your office carpet is newer and not quite ready for steam cleaning, or if there are certain areas of your office that aren’t as heavily trafficked, encapsulation carpet cleaning may be the perfect solution for your company. Encapsulation cleaning is a dry cleaning method that picks up dirt, sand, and debris trapped in the fibers of your carpet. By removing these contaminants, we can extend the life of your carpets, and of course, make them look more attractive.

  • When to use encapsulation carpet cleaning:
  • On newer carpets not quite ready for steam cleaning;
  • In low-traffic areas; and
  • In between your steam cleaning schedule to maintain carpet appearance and add to its longevity.

The Stephco Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning System is a four-part system that works. Here’s how:

  • First, we inspect and treat stains.
  • Next, we proceed with the encapsulation cleaning process.
  • Then, we deodorize carpets.
  • Finally, fabric protection is applied.

The average cost is $.07 per square foot, and a minimum of 1,000 square feet is required for encapsulation cleaning.


The same professional cleaning quality that’s available for your carpets is also available for your office upholstery.

Cleaning Tips:

Budget cuts got you down? Don’t ditch the cleaning.

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